Uno sguardo diverso della Toscana

Ausstellung zum zehnjährigen Bestehen des Ateliers in der Via dei Tosinghi

Since 1987 August Ohm works in Tuscany every year, and in 1991 he found his studio in the very heart of Florence. This year´s exhibition is meant as an "ommagio alla Toscana, alla sua arte e cultura". In earlier years the artist was strongly inspired by world-literature; several books have been published with his paintings after Flaubert, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Novalis and the Gilgamesh-epo. Lately the spirit and the beauty of Florence and the Tuscan landscape are the main source of August Ohm`s inspiration.

Most of the paintings on show are done in a gouache-technique, some are oils. In his new works the artist gives us very individual interpretations of his favorite Tuscan themes. For example in his variations after Cellinis "Perseo" he represents the celebrated sculpture from quite unusual "snapshot-views" and he enhances the figure with vivid colours, so that the age of Greek mythology, renaissance and presence seem all alive and at the same time intertwined.

Besides famous sites of the Campanile in Pisa, the Battistero in Florence or the Duomo in Lucca the present exhibition shows less known places such as the views of Poppiano in the val di Pesa, with lovely sloping hills and the Castello Gucciardini on the horizon. Above all the artist loves the Castello di Montegufoni, where he has been working each summer since the late nineteeneighties.

Inspired by the romantic poet Novalis, August Ohm covers some of his compositios with a painted "veil" which indicates a multi-dimensional world behind the visual scene: a world of our cultural memories, of associations and a world of fantasy.

Birgit Götting